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Jacuzzi comes to Valencia:

During the same dates that the Formula 1 Amado Salvador prepared an event close to La Ciudad de las Ciencias y las Artes.

Road Show Jacuzzi Amado Salvador

Come to visit our showrooms, we are the most unique and competitive brand of the European market . We can advice you about the things you really need before and after you make your order. Remember it is the original Italian brand Jacuzzi.


You can see in the next link all the pictures of the event. Remember to click in the “I like” in our fan page to receive all the news of Amado Salvador.

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May. The valencian nights stained glamorous and elegant Black

#astendency Elegante negro
The valencian nights stained glamorous and elegant Black

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El equipo de Amado Salvador te desea una feliz Semana Santa.

Amado Salvador te desea Feliz Semana Santa


El equipo de Amado Salvador te desea una feliz Semana Santa.

  Amado Salvador 

Estaremos abiertos en nuestro horario habitual, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles y Jueves Santo.
Nuestras instalaciones permanecerán cerradas Viernes, Sábado, Domingo y Lunes de Pascua



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Buying department job is offered

We are looking for a buyer department:


Experience is not necessary

Business administration degree

Maximum age is 35 years old


Knowledge in this market

Be a communicative and dynamic person


Start immediately

High possibility to grow up in the company

Salary depending of the personal worth

You can send your CV through our website: WORK WITH US.

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Krona and Amado Salvador offer you solutions for sliding doors

Krona, the company

KRONA, founded in 1990, is the second largest company in the Group after KOBLENZ, which came to life in 1984, established with the aim of launching sliding aluminium doors onto the national homes market.

If furniture describes the destination and criteria for using a room, its door can surely be defined as the delicate link, joining two different rooms, and a space itself that can be decorated using appropriate criteria of design and functionality.

Based on this thought, KRONA and Amado Salvador have been working on a specific project for some time, to combine design and high technology for sliding solutions, creating the wide range of KAO doors, an expression not only of beauty but also of performance, products with great emotional impact, which will valorise the style of any interior furnishing.

With its attractive design and close attention to the finishes, the KAO range includes both sliding and swing doors, fitted with aluminium jambs with the Kubica hinge running perfectly flush to the jamb. This special patent assures the opening of the hinge to 180° and the easy adjustment of the door on 3 axes.

With KAO doors, a simple gesture becomes the marriage of technology, quality and design philosophy: it is the image of every room, with its mix of sensations and emotions, just waiting to be discovered.

Krona, Kit futura and Ego

The KRONA box frame for plaster walls is suited to all architectural solutions, responding to all safety and style demands in your home.

Built using high quality materials, it is assembled using a special clinching method that enables the production of components without welding, thus avoiding the risk of rusting over time.

Simplicity and effectiveness: these are the features of the FUTURA KIT.

This box frame for plasterboard is easy to install on all standard models, and can be adapted for the many sliding solutions available for double doors.

EGO is a special box frame with a wooden doorstop, for better and faster finishing.

The system is fitted with pre-mounted, pre-formed plasterboard elements, and can be installed without further plastering, avoiding unsightly joins and cracks between different materials.

All KAO doors that use box frames can be installed with EGO, offering a wide range of aesthetic solutions.

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Shower cubicles of Jacuzzi

hidromasaje Jacuzzi de Amado Salvador
Everything has been studied in the most minute detail to offer pleasure, luxury, prestige and intimacity. The Jacuzzi shower cubicle is an emotional experience. The hydromassage shower cubicles are a complete wellness system dedicated to the body that is stimulated both physically and emotionally.


Limited series: each shower is numbered and signed. Techstone interior cladding and shower tray. Ergonomic seat in teak. Vertical hydromassage and steam bath function. Cascade and large, fixed, raindrop showerhead. Touch-screen panel and interior lighting.

The designer is Pinifarina, the famous car designer.

There are other models like:


Minimalist and contemporary aesthetics. Back hydromassage with fixed raindrop showerhead. Lowered Techstone shower tray. Height-adjustable handheld shower with multifunction jet. Steam bath and aromatherapy function.


A cosy space full of comforts. Many functions: hydromassage for the back, the lumbar area and legs, cervical cascade. Electronic control panel. Steam bath and aromatherapy function.


Contemporary aesthetics and high performances. Raindrop fixed shower head, cascade and dorsal hydromassage. “Soft” opening reclinable seat. Steam bath and aromatherapy function. Techstone tray and column with rounded.

If you wish to get more information you can visit the official website of Jacuzzi.

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Techlam presentation of Levantina

Techlam la lámina porcelánicaThe 25th of March, we celebrate in Xon´s Hotel of Valencia the presentation of Levantina, the new thing was the Techlam, a new and revolutionary product of this brand.

Between the people who came to our event we counted with important and recognized architects and interior designers of Valencia.

The explanation of the product began with people from our Amado Salvador team and then continued with the people of Levantina´s team like Javier Guardiola (general manager) Ignacio Legaz (product manager), Ramiro Bartoli (area manager) and Iñaki Vizcarguenaga (authorized to install the product).

If you want to know more things you can visit our new: Techlam. Your alteration more simple.

Techlam is a very slim porcelanic tile. It weigh is 7.1kg/m2 and it thickness is 3mm. You can design the size of the tile for the specific place in which is going to stick it, with a maximum of 3m2.

This product, with this size, shape and weigh has a specific characteristic because is very light. And you can think in this product for so many uses.

With this new concept you can do so many different projects, due to it resistance, variety of colours, light weigh, hardness, hygiene and flexibility.

Ignacio was speaking with Ramiro about the certificates of the product and were it was collocated like for example the London Tube. Iñaki gave some advices about how to collocate the product.

You can stick this material over the old surface or tiles you had before or over the glue if you prefer remove the old tile (you should ask about the special glue for this product).

We recommend using the cement glue of MAPEI:

If you install a simple slim 3mm tile: white KERABOND mixed with ISOLASTIC with its specific proportion.

If you collocate the slim 3mm plus crystal fiber: white KERALASTIC T of Mapei in its adequate proportion.

If you visit in our website the place media, you will find an interesting video in which we explain how to install it.

Fin del evento cena en hotel Xon de valenciaWe close the presentation with one of managers of Amado Salvador; she encourages innovating and betting for the new products.

We just can say thank you so much to everybody for coming and thank you so much to the Levantina´s team for their attendance.

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Pladur gave their diplomas of the course

Entrega diplomas Pladur Amado SalvadorLast Thursday we gave the certificates of Pladur to our customers. This certificate accredits the execution of the course about installation of Pladur´s systems.

We count for this event with the manager of Pladur for Valencia, Vicente López, who gave the certificates with our department coordinator Ricardo Hoyos.

After this event we had a cocktail dinner and we were chatting about the advantages of this initiative. The feeling after this event was that the people felt more comfortable about the product. They are now more secure working with these products. In construction materials we know that the training is continuous. Our customers have to be up to date about new regulations. In this course we paid special attention about the basic aspects of its installation like for example how to screw the product.

On the other hand we show how to collocate the easy ceiling of Pladur; this is a good option for the fake ceilings of plaster, due to its simplicity and cleanliness.

From Amado Salvador we wish to say thank you to our customers and also to Pladur.

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Hatria wins the 2011 edition of red dot design award

G-Full, the integrated sanitary fitting system with wellness effect, won the 2011 edition of red dot design award, one of the most and best-known design exhibition in the world, in product design category. The aim of the prize is to honor the design quality of all those products characterized by innovation and originality. Hatria gathered aesthetic and functionality, combining the functions of the Wc and bidet in a single ceramic surface. Design Nilo Gioacchini
Hatria at MosBuild of Moscow Hatria will be present at MosBuild, the international building and interiors industry exhibition taking place from 5 to 8 April in Moscow. At the exhibition center ‘Expocentre’, Pavilion 2, Hall 1, Hatria attend you to presenting its new proposal for the 2011 bathroom project.
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Sauna Imagine

Let your mind dream with Freixanet and Amado Salvador

With this new model of sauna Amado Salvador and Freixanet wish to let you know the new equipment of the saunas.

Continuing with the same innovation and technology Amado Salvador presents you the new model of sauna Imagine. It has full equipment to enjoy a deep pleasure and relaxation of the wellness.

It has a perfect balance between design and functionality due to it can give you a perfect combination of design and wellness.

With this new sauna, Freixanet of Saunasport follows its line about design and exclusivity. You can use these products in public or private places, alone or in good company.

Regarding with it design, it shape is clear, elegant and with nice finishing, but it real charm is its strong personality and its design interior and exterior. The exterior material can be in white colour or with horizontal panels of hemlock.

To satisfy all the needs, the sauna offers different possibilities in windows and frontal doors or in the corner that show the beautiful Zen design. It has a very advanced control called SMART-TOUCH let the user to control all the functions of the sauna through a tactile screen.

In its interior, the Imagine Sauna can give you the opportunity to wake up your feelings due to the nice design, the relaxation the pleasure of the perfect comfort. You can add also a specific light, ALBAZZA, in different positions and intensities. It has different kind of lights, like bejewelled sky, chromatherapy or smooth steam and other equipments.

It also has an elegant handle and a new design lamp. They help to create a great ambient to transmit a balance feeling.

Amado Salvador and Freixanet bet for this new range of new equipments, just because the wellness has to be an excellent experience.

If you want to know how to use a sauna visit our post: Sauna, a source of health.

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