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IX meeting interior design of Valencia 2012

Diseñadora Valencia Carmen Baselga

We wish to say thank you to Carmen Baselga, the dean of the interior design College of the Comunitat Valenciana for her time designing our place at the event.

It is going to stay in our showroom in Gran Vía Marqués del Turia 48.

We wish to invite you to come to our showrooms to be able to catch ideas with the products that we can offer you.

Here we can explain you how Dean Carmen Baselga understood the concept of the design of our stand.



Project: RECYCLING- gearbox

From Carmen Baselga

To Amado Salvador


RECYCLING- gearbox it’s a project that Carmen Baselga developed for Amado Salvador for the ninth edition of the brands associated for the Design, celebrated in Valencia, in the Naves the next 28 th of the June 2012.


It was designed from a composition called Triplo, it was a kind of modular cardboard. She mixed up just two different materials porcelanic tiles and scrapping car pieces.


TreverkSing is a new product of Marazzi. It´s a porcelanic tile. Its appearance is inspired in the recycled wood that in the past they used to pack. This collection offer us different sizes and colours that give you lots of possibilities to create nice spaces.

There are seven different colours. We chose the white one for this occasion, a white with a lot of shades, this white is a long way for the clear white that we used to know to approach to nature, but when the hand of the man take part in it.


This idea inspired in the recycling aspect has been supported with small pieces of gearboxes. They were obtained from a decontamination centre of vehicles out of its useful life, this want to say, pieces that you use again to repair in other vehicle in use.


All the pieces used are from a gearbox. Pieces to synchronize, movables, gears, conic and cylindrical bearings, oil bomb, primary axis… Everything put in order in a different way, far from its original use. Now they have a aesthetic sense by themselves. They can generate emotions and experiences different that when they are in a car.


These pieces seems that they are not very important, but the fact, explained by the worker was that simplifying a lot, all the gearbox are necessaries to make all kind of engine work properly.


Carmen wanted to express that she was very happy to collaborate with Pillar Salvador and all the Amado Salvador team in this small challenge.

We show you the link where you can see some pictures from the event.




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Jacuzzi comes to Valencia:

During the same dates that the Formula 1 Amado Salvador prepared an event close to La Ciudad de las Ciencias y las Artes.

Road Show Jacuzzi Amado Salvador

Come to visit our showrooms, we are the most unique and competitive brand of the European market . We can advice you about the things you really need before and after you make your order. Remember it is the original Italian brand Jacuzzi.


You can see in the next link all the pictures of the event. Remember to click in the “I like” in our fan page to receive all the news of Amado Salvador.

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El equipo de Amado Salvador te desea una feliz Semana Santa.

Amado Salvador te desea Feliz Semana Santa


El equipo de Amado Salvador te desea una feliz Semana Santa.

  Amado Salvador 

Estaremos abiertos en nuestro horario habitual, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles y Jueves Santo.
Nuestras instalaciones permanecerán cerradas Viernes, Sábado, Domingo y Lunes de Pascua



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Techlam presentation of Levantina

Techlam la lámina porcelánicaThe 25th of March, we celebrate in Xon´s Hotel of Valencia the presentation of Levantina, the new thing was the Techlam, a new and revolutionary product of this brand.

Between the people who came to our event we counted with important and recognized architects and interior designers of Valencia.

The explanation of the product began with people from our Amado Salvador team and then continued with the people of Levantina´s team like Javier Guardiola (general manager) Ignacio Legaz (product manager), Ramiro Bartoli (area manager) and Iñaki Vizcarguenaga (authorized to install the product).

If you want to know more things you can visit our new: Techlam. Your alteration more simple.

Techlam is a very slim porcelanic tile. It weigh is 7.1kg/m2 and it thickness is 3mm. You can design the size of the tile for the specific place in which is going to stick it, with a maximum of 3m2.

This product, with this size, shape and weigh has a specific characteristic because is very light. And you can think in this product for so many uses.

With this new concept you can do so many different projects, due to it resistance, variety of colours, light weigh, hardness, hygiene and flexibility.

Ignacio was speaking with Ramiro about the certificates of the product and were it was collocated like for example the London Tube. Iñaki gave some advices about how to collocate the product.

You can stick this material over the old surface or tiles you had before or over the glue if you prefer remove the old tile (you should ask about the special glue for this product).

We recommend using the cement glue of MAPEI:

If you install a simple slim 3mm tile: white KERABOND mixed with ISOLASTIC with its specific proportion.

If you collocate the slim 3mm plus crystal fiber: white KERALASTIC T of Mapei in its adequate proportion.

If you visit in our website the place media, you will find an interesting video in which we explain how to install it.

Fin del evento cena en hotel Xon de valenciaWe close the presentation with one of managers of Amado Salvador; she encourages innovating and betting for the new products.

We just can say thank you so much to everybody for coming and thank you so much to the Levantina´s team for their attendance.

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Pladur gave their diplomas of the course

Entrega diplomas Pladur Amado SalvadorLast Thursday we gave the certificates of Pladur to our customers. This certificate accredits the execution of the course about installation of Pladur´s systems.

We count for this event with the manager of Pladur for Valencia, Vicente López, who gave the certificates with our department coordinator Ricardo Hoyos.

After this event we had a cocktail dinner and we were chatting about the advantages of this initiative. The feeling after this event was that the people felt more comfortable about the product. They are now more secure working with these products. In construction materials we know that the training is continuous. Our customers have to be up to date about new regulations. In this course we paid special attention about the basic aspects of its installation like for example how to screw the product.

On the other hand we show how to collocate the easy ceiling of Pladur; this is a good option for the fake ceilings of plaster, due to its simplicity and cleanliness.

From Amado Salvador we wish to say thank you to our customers and also to Pladur.

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Jacuzzi’s Spa collection

Only there is a brand that is well known in the whole world like an undisputed leader in the bath and spa market like an advanced technology and luxury product. This brand is Jacuzzi®. Just because Jacuzzi® created in 1956 a great whirlpool with the Italian design, so now is the reason of the wellness of so many people.

Nowadays just Jacuzzi® continues being the real and original reason of the pleasure and every year it develop 300 new patents, a complete range of new products and just one goal: make a challenge through its products giving every day best spa experience.

Amado Salvador always has bet for the quality and the best price. So to tell whirlpool in Amado Salvador is synonym to say Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi Spa: 4 ranges offering wellness.

Experiencie Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi® Experience, intensive use spa, the main characteristic of this product is that the level of the water is always close to the border. They have the more sophisticated technology of Jacuzzi® offering a whirlpool and installation with a superior level of filtering.

Skyline Jacuzzi

Skyline Jacuzzi®, this is the first range of spas of the world to be installed in the familiar atmosphere with the border of the water always close to the border. In that case this is able due to a new deposit created for Jacuzzi®.

They have blower and aromatherapy.

delos Jacuzzi

Maxi Jacuzzi®, they are ideal for the home whirlpool, with so many uses and different kind of installation possibilities.

They have blower and aromatherapy.

Premium Jacuzzi®, they come from the American tradition and they are created to be collocated in a top level.

Thanks to the water cascades and the music equipment that it has, this product can offer you a world of relaxation of pleasure.

In our showrooms you will find several spas working, so you will be able to appreciate the feelings and its charms.

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Evento Pladur en Amado Salvador

Our aim is you.

For this reason with the collaboration of our supplier Pladur we make all the effort to form and inform our customer and contributors about the latest products and systems about the rehabilitation of buildings.

This presentation was celebrated on the 24th of February of 2011 in the Xon´s Hotel in Valencia, close to C.C. Bonaire. We presented the dry partition walls that Pladur and Amado Salvador offers you.

The more remarkable thing is the 80×2000 sheet and 80×60 sheets. This sheet of Pladur is new; the special thing is their dimensions. It is smaller and just for this reason let us an easy use of it. And also, for this small size let us to go it up in the lift or even to rehabilitate the lift.

We gave a general formation about Pladur® Systems that we distribute in Amado Salvador, like for example the sheets of 13 of measure, or the new ones of 80. Also the systems to make walls of Pladur® in bathrooms, WA sheets,  FOC sheets and also the easy ceiling.

An important part of the event was to solve all kind of doubts of our customers and contributors. Also we review the collocation of the tape joints, and how to stick the glue of joints and how to put a sheet in front of a sheet.
Evento Pladur Amado Salvador
An important tool for all the professionals that use the Pladur®Sytems we can find them in Pladur website and it let us to calculate the sheets, profiles, screws and all the materials you can need to build the wall and the ceiling. With this document you can go to any of our showrooms and we will give you all the components for you project.

To finish the event Amado Salvador and Pladur® offered a great cocktail dinner in the Xon´s Hotel.

You can see all the pictures in our Facebook, en Picasa online and also you would view the full video in

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Mapei course in Amado Salvador:

Course of Mapei

For Amado Salvador like for Mapei is very important to inform our customers about the kind of products we sell and who the builders can use the materials depending of their specific characteristics.

We usually organize course working days and we inform to the professionals to keep in touch and show them the news about glues and cements and how to use them depending the materials the wish to stick.

In this course we are going to speak about the product called
Ultralite, specific glue for slim porcelains.

This kind of porcelanics requires a kind of glue more specific due to its thickness, more limited. Ultralite give us more fluency when we mix the product avoiding creating bubbles. Also these products can give us make a surface between 3-15 mm.

Also, we were speaking in this course about Keraflex, another product for specific porcelanic tiles. Come to some of our showrooms and we will inform you about the great spring 2011 offers.

Amado Salvador advice you about how to use all the glues depending of the kind of tile you are going to put on the floor or wall.

TIXOBOND: cement glue specific for non porcelanic tiles. You can use it inside or outside of the construction. You can use it also for pool tiles. Maximum thickness 15 mm.

KERAFLEX: cement glue special for porcelanic tiles maximum 60×60. You can use it inside or outside of the construction. With these products you can stick tile over tile. You can use it also for pool tiles.

ULTRALITE: cement glue special for porcelanic tiles like slim.

MAXIFLEX: special cement glue for porcelanic tiles minimum 60×60. You can use it inside or outside of the construction. You can use it with Pladur and to stick tile over tile. You can use it also for pool tiles. Maximum thickness 15 mm.

GRANIRAPID: cement glue special for natural stones, porcelanics and all kind of tiles. You can use it inside or outside of the construction. Also you can use it for marble and silestone but just for interior due to this products are just available to put inside of the construction.

ADESILEX P10+ISOLASTIC: cement glue special to put mosaics and crystal tiles with high quality also porcelanics and marble. With the same product you can do the joints. It is very important to put the product on the tile and on the floor/wall.


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To whom:

People who usually work in the construction market without previous knowledge about Pladur® systems.


Learn how to install the Pladur® systems.


Pladur® materials.

Basic knowledge about building.

Pladur® systems: bricks, claddings and continuous ceilings.

Disassembly of Pladur® systems.


Starting date:


Finishing date:



Monday: from 15:30 to 18:00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: from 8:30 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 18:00



A3 Valencia- Madrid, km0.

46930 Quart de Poblet

Valencia- España

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We make our debut as online shop

Amado Salvador following its ideas wants to make easy for its clients buy its products. For this reason launch the shop online Keramik Style by Amado Salvador.

We have started with the new DESIGN BATHS. So we are offering you an unbeatable price conditions.

Between the baths we can emphasize:

Free transport for Spain and Balearic islands

Safe way of payment through 4B platform

Payment by bank transfer it is possible

Immediate delivery due to we have all the baths in our logistic warehouse in Valencia.

Tienda online Amado Salvador

Estrenamos Tienda Online

In a short period of time we are going to surprise you with new products!!!!

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